Do you remember how it felt when you first got born again? Do you remember the sincere passion you had of loving Jesus with all your heart? It was not a dream. It was real. You had a sense of destiny and purpose. Your heart was alive!

But over the years life has hit you with a curve ball. It’s like your sailing out in the deep ocean without a compass. You have no clue what God is doing in your life. You wonder if He is really there. Your dreams seem shattered and your heart is broken. Your difficult circumstances feel like they will never change. You feel hopeless, depressed and sometimes you wish your life would end.

How do I know this? It’s because I have been there before. It’s like the spirit of hopelessness fights to be the primary voice I hear in my mind. So what is the natural response to all of this? What do we do when our heart is troubled and empty inside? We sin. We think the pleasure of indulging in sin will satisfy us. The scriptures call it the deceitfulness of sin. We try almost anything but God Himself. We have been let down and constantly disappointed, therefore we choose to not give our life back to Jesus – the lover of our soul.

You cannot bear the thought of God being silent when you need Him the most. So the cycle repeats itself and your right back groping in the wilderness and stuck in a deep pit. You don’t think God will accept you in your darkness. You think your sin is bigger than Him.

Beloved, I understand that life is tough and pain is real. I understand that deep inside you want that passion for Jesus back in your life. You really miss it. But you don’t know what to do or how to get it back. You’re stuck!

I want to give you a simple key that I have learned over the years in my walk with the Lord. If you apply it in a personal way, you will find a compass mounted by the steering wheel in your boat. Your will have a sense of destiny. Your heart will come alive again. Here is what you need to do every time you start drifting from your Beloved: SIGN BACK UP TO BE A LOVER OF GOD.

Though you have not seen Him, you love Him.…(1 Peter 1:8)

The scriptures say that you are a lover of God. Believe it. Be encouraged. Maybe you’re asking what does it mean to sign back up as a lover of God. It means to return to your first love. You are getting back on track with the heart of God. You want to have that sense of nearness and destiny. Don’t live in despair or shame, but live in the raw truth that you are a lover of God. You do love Him.

When I sign back up to the Lord, I usually repent of what the Holy Spirit shows me. I declare war against it, and set my heart to overcome it by God’s grace. I ask Jesus to wash me and cleanse me from all my sin. I want to feel clean on the inside. Once I repent, I hit delete and step right back in to that divine love and passion in God’s heart. I start declaring the living truth that I am a lover of God. Think about it, you are loving someone you have never seen before. You are worshiping an invisible person. I would say that’s passion and commitment at its highest. The world thinks your weird, but heaven thinks completely the opposite.

Let me ask you a simple question. When you woke up this morning, did you get out of bed and start shouting out loud, saying: today, I am going to sin and rebel against the Lord? I would say the answer is no. You do love Him. You are a lover of God. You’re not looking for ways to camp out in darkness, but you are looking for ways to get out and be free.

You will find yourself signing back up to Lord many times. It will help you in the marathon race with your Beloved. Because you are a lover of God, you will have the confidence to sign back up, and live in that divine flame of passion’s fire. You will not live at a distance anymore.

Beloved, right now, sign back up to be a lover of God, because that’s who you are forever!

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